Eco-friendly policies across our business

We strive to conduct our business in such a way that is responsible, to minimise any adverse effects we may have on the environment. All our team members care deeply about our planet and we all ensure that when working, these considerations are at the forefront of our minds.

Throughout the business, we continually assess the impact of our activities and this results in us adopting procedures, control measures and business practices to help protect the environment. We set standards across the business to ensure print industry regulatory compliance, and these standards are monitored and audited on a regular basis. For example, we have a very strict scrappage policy that our production staff maintain on a daily basis, as well as recycling 100% of our paper waste.

FSC® Certified Paper

FSC® certified paper uses wood pulp which is sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner from a well-managed forest. As well as helping to improve the environmental impact of our work, these paper stocks provide a higher quality print. These paper stocks contain less imperfections so are brighter and smoother, providing a more vibrant colour reproduction.


To reduce our use of fossil fuels, we use vegetable-based inks in our standard production processes rather than traditional oil or petroleum based inks.


The toner we use in our digital presses is non-toxic and does not generate hazardous waste. This is the result of careful selection of materials and control of the raw material ingredients. Prints made with the our selected dry ink toners are readily recyclable using standard de-inking processes.


The boxes we use for dispatching our orders are all made from recycled cardboard, are ethically sourced and reused wherever possible.


Is a zero-emissions, short range transport system, delivering goods to multiple sites with speed, security and reliability, while contributing to civic or organisational sustainability targets.

With a trained rider team and a fleet of  bikes serving Newcastle and Gateshead, BUD are our trusted partner for local deliveries. BUD can deliver loads of up to 200kg quickly through the city streets. The bikes use a variety of routes and river crossings unavailable to cars and vans and are often able to pick up and drop off goods right at the door, keeping speed high and costs low, with minimal environmental impact.