These terms and conditions apply to all orders placed with Bang On Print & Design Ltd. Upon receipt of acknowledgement of any orders you have placed you forthwith agree irrevocably to these terms only.


2.1 Customers With an Account

All payments must be made in full by the end of the month following that in which the invoice is made, unless we have agreed to alternative terms in writing. Failure to make payment by the date specified will result in the penalties laid out in Section 3. Overdue Accounts.

2.2 Customers Without an Account [Online]

Payment for all orders placed in our online shop must be made in full prior to the commencement of any work.

2.3 Customers Without an Account [In store]

For the case of customers placing and collecting their order in store, payment must be made in full prior to the commencement of any work.

2.4 Discount

Discounts are offered on the understanding that all orders and accounts are paid in accordance to the aforementioned terms. Failure to do so will result in you being billed the full amount of any discounts previously offered.

2.5 VAT

If VAT is noticed on your order after the bill has been paid, you as the customer are liable to pay the VAT in full.



Should an account remain unpaid for 14 days or more after the due date no further deliveries will be made to the customer in question. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at a rate of 5% above the Natwest Bank Plc rate for the entire duration from which the account is overdue until it is paid. This does not prevent us from pursuing payment on overdue accounts and shall be in addition to, without prejudice, any other rights we may have against you.


We reserve the right to charge you for any collection or legal charges incurred to us as a result of taking actions against you to obtain outstanding payment.



All risk related to the goods will be passed onto you upon delivery. We do not accept responsibility for any loss incurred to you as a result of delay, error or damage in the transit and delivery of the goods. However, we highly recommend that you do not accept any goods that appear to be damaged.


Until payment has been received by us in full all goods, delivered or not, remain the property of Bang On Print & Design Ltd.


5.1 Delivery Address

If the customer requires to change the delivery address after placing an order they must do so within four hours of placing the original order, in writing to hello@bangonprint.co.uk. Where possible please include your order number, this can be found on your order confirmation email.


Free delivery is only available to mainland England, Wales and Southern Scotland for orders of over £50.00, anything under this price will be charged at the standard carriage rate of £8.00. There is a flat rate of £10 added to all orders requiring delivery outside of these regions. This is to cover additional costs incurred to us by the courier. Please see our Delivery Page for more detailed information.


Should work be delayed through any fault of the customer or suspended at the customer’s request the delivery period agreed shall no longer apply.


Bang On Print & Design accept no responsibility for delay in delivery due to non-payment by the customer. It is the full responsibility of the customer to meet the agreed payment terms before any dispatch will be made.


Where expedited delivery has been agreed we reserve the right to make additional charges to cover the additional time, materials and other such costs, including courier charges, with no limitations. These will be charged at the current commercial rate for that day.


Turnaround is measured in the working days Monday to Friday. Although every effort is made to ensure that delivery is made on time, all delivery dates and times quoted are a best estimate. Bang On Print & Design is not liable for any loss incurred to the customer as a result of delay in delivery.


All quotations given by us are subject to alteration in accordance to any changes in staff wages, materials’ costs and law or government regulations requiring us to increase prices. This includes, but is not limited to, direct taxation, import duties and customs and exercise duties. Quotes given by us are based on the commercial rate of that day. By accepting our quotation and placing the according order you are agreeing to pay any such additional charges, should they become applicable.



For all preliminary work and proofs there is a fee of £20 + VAT. This fee is required upfront and will be absorbed by the final cost of the order, should you decide to go ahead, having approved any preliminary work. In the case that you choose not to proceed any further this fee shall retained by us in order to cover the costs of production and administration involved with producing the requested examples.


Bang On Print & Design are not liable for any errors in work not corrected by the customer prior to the approval of the proof.

7.3 On Hold

If the customer has not notified us within 5 days of the proof being sent we will contact the customer to gain status. If after 5 further days of this contact we still have not received a reply the customer will be charged for all work carried out up-to-date in addition to a £10 administration fee. This will not be wavered should the customer decided to approve any further work with us after this 10day stipulation.


All work carried out by us may be embossed with or have printed on our company logo, unless we receive a request to the contrary from the customer, in writing, prior to commencement of printing.


Where additional work is required as a result of poor quality copy/artwork provided by the customer, the customer will be liable for all subsequent charges covering additional time and material. This includes instances were image quality and text is not clear and/or legible.


Where applicable all prices quoted are subject to VAT at the current rate.



All property supplied to us by you, the customer, is done so entirely at your own risk. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all property is insured accordingly. Bang On Print & Design accept no responsibility for any loss or damage of customer property.


Should the customer fail to collect their property after 20 days of notification of job completion we reserve the right to either make additional charges (to cover costs of storage and insurance) or to dispose of the work, at our discretion. At this time the customer will still remain liable for the payment of the job regardless or any such actions taken.


We may reject any materials provided by the customer if we deem them unfit for the required purpose. In such a case where suitability is unknown we may request that a sample print is done. See Section 7. Preliminary Work and Proofs.


Bang On Print & Design have no liability for the unsatisfactory completion of a product as a result of defects in or unsuitability of materials provided by or specified by the customer.


Where the customer supplies materials it shall be assumed by us that there is an adequate quantity to cover normal spoilage. Bang On Print & Design are not held liable for any shortfall in finished quantity as a result of the customer providing insufficient supply to cover for normal spoilage.


12.1 Quantity Changes and Copies

All requests for quantity changes and copies must be made in writing prior to the commencement of work. All additional orders will be treated as a separate job, unless agreed otherwise by us, in writing.

12.2 Work Subject to On Hold and Suspended Status

Should work be delayed through any fault of the customer or suspended at the customer’s request for a period exceeding 30 days Bang On Print & Design are entitled to charge the customer for any work carried out up-to-date, the cost of storage, insurance and any other such expenses, without limitation. For customer status following receipt of proof work see section 7.3 On Hold.

12.3 Cancellation

Should the customer decide to cancel their order they should do so in writing at the soonest possible convenience. There is a flat charge of 5% of the original order plus a £10 administration fee. Any work already carried out will also be charged for in addition to this fee. These fees will be deducted from any amount paid to us before a refund is made.


We shall be deemed to have fulfilled our contract by the completion of an order plus or minus 5% of the agreed quantity of printed goods.


When the customer chooses to place an order with Bang On Print & Design they do so on the understanding that an exact colour match may not be met. Variation in colour from any sample or electronic source is inherent in the printing process. To minimise this variation see our artwork page where the colour palates are explained further.


If the customer ceases to pay its debts in the ordinary course of business or cannot pay its debts as they become due or being a company is deemed to be unable to pay its debts or has a winding-up petition issued against it or being a person commits an act of bankruptcy or has a bankruptcy petition issued against it, Bang On Print & Design without prejudice to other remedies shall


have the right not to proceed further with the contract or any other work for the customer and be entitled to charge for work already carried out (whether completed or not) and materials purchased for the customer, such charge to be an immediate debt due to the Bang On Print & Design, and


in respect of all unpaid debts due from the customer have a general lien on all goods and property in the Bang On Print & Design ’s possession (whether worked on or not) and shall be entitled on the expiration of 14 days’ notice to dispose of such goods or property in such manner and at such price as Bang On Print & Design sees fit and to apply the proceeds towards such debts.



Bang On Print & Design reserve the right to refuse any printing that it deems inappropriate, illegal or libellous in nature or an infringement of the proprietary or other rights of any third payments.


Without prejudice to section 17 the customer shall indemnify and hold Bang On Print & Design harmless against all claims, demands, costs, expenses (including but not limited to legal costs and disbursements), losses and damages arising from, or suffered, or incurred by reason of the work it is required to produce pursuant to a customer order being or alleged to be defamatory or inappropriate.



All work prepared, developed, created, printed or finished by Bang On Print & Design is thereafter the property of Bang On Print & Design and may be used for all self-promotional purposes, unless the contrary is agreed in writing prior to the commencement of work.


It is the responsibility of the customer to seek and attain all necessary authorities and consents to reproduce any materials before instructing Bang On Print & Design to reproduce the same.


The customer shall indemnify and hold Bang On Print & Design and it’s representatives harmless against all claims, demands, costs, expenses (including but not limited to legal costs and disbursements), losses and damages arising from, or suffered, or incurred by reason of any claim (including but not limited to the defense of such a claim) that the reproduction of the materials by Bang On Print & Design infringes the intellectual property or other rights of any third party or misuses the confidential information of a third party.


All complaints and claims must be made to us in writing, as so to reach us within 5 working days of receiving your goods. Any complaints received after this time will be void of any right to refund, reprint or re-finish.



We reserve the right to rectify defective work by reprinting or re-finishing if applicable and shall not be liable to refund. The customer is obligated to accept any offer of reprinting or re-finishing unless they can show a clear cause for refusing to do so.


We will require part of, or all of the order to be returned to us (as stipulated by us on that day) within 5 working days before any offer to reprint or re-finish will be made. If these terms are not met by the customer we will assume the work has been accepted and no replacement will be made.


Refunds will take 3-4 working days to complete following confirmation that Bang On Print & Design have agreed refund.



Save in so far as defects in the goods cause death, injury or damage to personal property, our liability for any loss or damage suffered by you in respect of the goods shall be limited to the contract value of the goods.


If the customer fails to adhere to the complaints procedure laid on in section 18 we are not liable for loss or damage arising from supply of goods under this contract.


These terms and conditions do not affect the statuary rights of the consumer.


Bang On Print & Design are under no liability if we should be unable to fulfill our contractual obligations for any reasons beyond our reasonable control. Examples of such circumstances include but are not limited to; Act of God, legislation, drought, fire, flood, war, lock-out, strike or other action taken by employees in contemplation or furtherance of a dispute, failure of power supply or an inability to procure materials required to fulfill the contract. During the prolonged continuance of such a circumstance the customer may choose to terminate their order with us, paying for work done and materials used. By not choosing to terminate the contract the customer agrees to accept all work when delivery becomes available.


Bang On Print & Design reserve the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions at any time. The most recent version will always be made available on Bang On Print & Design Ltd Terms and Conditions.


The contract between Bang On Print & Design the Company and the Customer shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law.